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The Number Of Running Lightning Network Nodes Continue To Grow


On Tuesday, March 13, the number of active nodes Lightning Network in the bitcoin mainnet exceeded the mark of 1000. This is indicated by the data of the corresponding tracker.

At the press time there are running 1006 Lightning Nodes and 1863 channels are opening.

Lightning Network may be the answer bitcoin's low fee altcoins. The developers think that the full-scale activation of the Protocol may be one of the most important events in the history of the "digital gold".

This has become especially relevant against the backdrop of sharply increased commissions in the bitcoin network in 2017: in addition to instant payments without waiting for confirmations and a potentially higher level of user privacy, one of the main advantages of Lightning Network is the reduction of transaction costs.

In December of last year Bitrefill developer Alex Bosworth said that he made the first Lightning transaction in the main bitcoin network, adding to the protocol his own phone account.

It should be noted that as early as mid-January, the number of active Lightning Network nodes in the bitcoin mainnet was only 35.

The first Lightning-transaction with zero commission in the Litecoin network implemented in September 2017. In addition, at the end of February 2018, cryptocurrency enthusiast Laszlo Heinitz, release experiment with the help of the Lightning Network protocol.