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New Zealand Wex Exchange Domains Were Blocked

The New Zealand Domain Names Commission (DNC) has suspended the work of Wex cryptocurrency exchange (formerly BTC-e) domains in due to the registration of the resource with fake contact details. Representatives of the marketplace posted on Twitter mirror website -

DNC has blocked access to 5 domain exchange addresses:,,, and According to the agency, the registered person did not confirm the authenticity of the contact information. After that, the DNC suspended the work of domains in accordance with internal rules.

Wex continues to work on the new domain - Please note that and mirrors are not related to the exchange, there are phishing sites. At the moment only 2 cryptocurrencies are available to withdraw - XMR and Zcash (ZEC).

Since August 2018, Wex customers have been experiencing problems with cash withdrawals. Users created the website to unite the efforts of all the deceived traders and submit a collective application to the Russian law enforcement agencies. The creators of the resource offer a reward for information about the owners of the exchange and the location of funds.

Bitcoin rate on Wex is $8.500 (twice higher than an average) per 1 BTC. Most likely, this anomaly is connected with low liquidity of Bitcoin at the exchange: at the moment the sum of warrants for sale is only 193 BTC, and on purchase - $5.4 million.