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New Year’s Gift Ideas For Cryptocurrency Fans

On the eve of the New Year's holidays, ShapeShift compiled a list of gifts that will appeal to all cryptocurrency fans.
If someone of your friends or relatives keeps Bitcoin, mines digital assets or interested in blockchain technology, he will definitely appreciate the original gift for the New Year.

Skin with a bitcoin on the joystick for the Playstation video consoles. The price is $8. 

Gold cufflinks with Bitcoin logo. The price is $59.99. 

Watch with bitcoin symbol. The price is $698. 

A set of rocks glass with cryptocurrency logos to celebrate the advent of a bullish trend for the New Year. The price is $34. 

Book about blockchain technology "Blockchain Revolution: Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Is Changing the World" with a CD. The price is from $12.31 to $17.39. 

The book for children about Bitcoin "Tale of the Bitcoin Kid: Learn about earning". The price is $1.99 (or for BTC). 

Baby hat with the inscription "hodl" for those who like to store cryptocurrency. The price is $10.95. 

Ugly sweater with the inscription "Ethereum" (100% acrylic). The price is $59.99 (or for BTC and LTC). 

Gold necklace with Bitcoin, HODL or BTFD inscription. The price is $40. 

A pair of Bitcoin socks. The price is $22.92. 

KeepKey hardware crypto wallet ($129) and a set of keys for accessing the wallet ($45). 

Cryptoart. The price is from $59.95 to $949.95.