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There Is A New Vulnerability In Ethereum Wallet Parity


Users' funds on Parity multi-signature wallets has blocked as a result of activation of a critical vulnerability in a smart contract. This is reported in the official blog of Parity Technologies.

As noted in the statement, a new version of the Parity smart contract that was published on July 20 - a day after the theft of $ 30 million as a result of the vulnerability of the wallet.sol contract. However, the new version also has problems.

This smart contract may be converted into a multi-signature wallet and to establish control over it using the function initWallet.

On Monday, November 6, one of the users most likely accidentally activated the vulnerability and the contract has given a command to self-destruct, resulting in a lot of wallets with a mulp signature created after July 20, lost the ability to withdraw tokens.

Parity Technologies analyzes the situation and will soon make a statement and instructions.

Recall last summer in the Parity wallet has found a vulnerability, through the use of which has stolen about $ 30 million.