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The New Rating Of Forbes Billionaires Includes Two Representatives Of The Crypto Industry


On March 5, 2019 Forbes magazine published an annual ranking of the richest people in the world. The list of dollar billionaires for the first time included representatives of the crypto industry such as the founders of the mining company Bitmain Jihan Wu and Mikri Jean.

According to Forbes, over the year the number of billionaires has decreased from 2.208 to 2,153 people. Their total capital has also decreased: from $ 9.1 trillion in 2018 to $ 8.7 trillion in 2019. A record high number of billionaires count losses over the past year - 994 (versus 360 over the previous period). The average amount of capital billionaires was $ 4 billion, $ 100 million less than in 2018.

The rating includes 195 new billionaires. Among them were Jihan Wu and Mikri Jean. Despite the difficult financial situation of Bitmain, its founders managed to earn good money:

• Jihan's capital is estimated at $ 1.5 billion, it takes 1.511 line of rating.

• Jean beat his comrade to 838 seats from $ 2.7 billion.

In 2018, Jean was on the list of the richest Chinese; for Wu, the 2019 rating became his debut. Many are surprised that there are no other cryptocurrency businessmen in the list of billionaires. This is primarily due to the fact that large technology companies operate in several areas at once, therefore their capital is earned not only on cryptocurrency. Wu and Jean are the only exceptions.

The USA is the leader in the number of billionaires (607), China is in the second place (324), Germany is the third leader (114). Russia ranks fifth - 98 Russians are on the list. Mikhail Fridman, chairman of the board of the Alfa Group consortium, is at number 79 in the rating, Roman Abramovich is at 107, Alisher Usmanov, founder of USM Holdings at 106, and the leader, Leonid Mikhelson, has risen to 32 seats with a capital of $ 24 billion.