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The Network Has Evidence Of Insider Trading At Coinbase


A well-known entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast, Albert Renshaw, discovered additional evidence of insider trading at Coinbase in the day of listing Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 

As noted by Renshaw, the day before the listing of BCH on the forum / r / Coinbase an unknown user under the name mukiva2 warned traders about the upcoming event, citing a source in the company Coinbase. This discussion has deleted, but it remained in the archive.

Reddit profile mukiva2 created on December 6, 2017, and the identity of this person remains unknown.

The price of Bitcoin Cash soared by 370%, which forced Coinbase to temporarily suspend trading. The head of the company, Brian Armstrong, appealed to the community, assuring that all employees are subject to strict rules prohibiting trading on the basis of insider information.

"If we find that our employees directly or indirectly violated these rules, we will not hesitate to take all necessary measures in the legal field," Armstrong said, adding that an internal investigation will be conducted.

The cryptocurrency community is also indignant over the suspension of trading on the GDAX on December 22, the day of a bitcoins deep correction. The question is whether users will believe the results of such an investigation.


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