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Multiverse Instead Of Ecosystems: How Develop Tech Giants


The “race of the metaverse” is gaining momentum. In October, several large companies announced their plans to create new digital worlds. These included two tech giants – Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft.

Facebook Rebranding

The fact that Facebook (Meta) is going to launch its own metaverse became known at the end of the summer. At the end of October, the company confirmed this information, held an official presentation of the project, and announced the change of its name to Meta. Its development should be done by 10 thousand new employees in the European offices of the company. The creation of the metaverse will cost Facebook $ 10 billion.

The official reason for the rebranding in the company was the desire “to strengthen the organization’s compliance with the transition to work in a new format.” And the founder of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, called the launch of the metaverse “the beginning of a new chapter of the Internet.” At the same time, some experts believe that the change in the name of the company is connected, among other things, with the desire of Facebook to distance itself from the series of scandals in which the company has become involved in recent years.

The company’s task will be to create a new user experience, which will be the joint pastime and social interaction of people who are physically located at a great distance from each other. This will use virtual and augmented reality tools that Facebook tried to develop several years ago. Some of them are already being tested by the company’s employees.

According to Zuckerberg’s idea, Meta will integrate all products from the Facebook ecosystem, including social networks and instant messengers. He believes that within ten years the number of its users will exceed a billion people, who will transfer to the virtual world most of their daily activities – communication, work, and study.

The developers of the project have already announced that non-fungible tokens (NFT) will be used inside the metaverse, with the help of which digital goods will be distributed in it. However, so far this remains open to question – the launch of a pilot project testing the Novi digital wallet caused an immediate negative reaction from American regulators.

Multiverse Microsoft and Nike

For a long time, the concept of “multiverse” was used mainly by fans of science fiction and computer games. In 2021, the situation has changed – the launch of their own virtual worlds are announced one after the other by large companies, so it just right speaks of the very real “race of the multiverse”.

In early November, Microsoft got involved in it. The information appeared on the company’s website that the developers are busy creating a tool for forming virtual reality Mesh. It was announced that the initiative was part of a project to integrate digital solutions into communication-oriented services.

The company calls the principle of Mesh operation “mixed reality” – by this term the developers mean the space, which consists of tools of the virtual world integrated into reality. An example of this is the use of user avatars within the Microsoft Teams platform – this functionality will become available in the first half of 2022.

Not only tech giants are involved in the development of the metauniverses – the American manufacturer of sportswear and goods Nike announced the beginning of work in this direction. According to CNBC, the company has filed seven trademark filings to create and sell products in a virtual format.

The company itself did not comment on this information, but experts believe that this indicates the organization’s plans to launch a business in the metaverse. Sources CNBC said that working in the virtual space has already become one of the key areas of development for Nike.

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