July 9, 2021 / news

Most of El Salvador’s Citizens Did Not Support Bitcoin Legalization


The initiative of the head of state received support from only 20% of the country’s residents.

Most of the population of El Salvador is skeptical about the initiative of local president Nayib Bukele to promote bitcoin as a legal financial instrument.

Analysts of Disruptiva company came to the conclusion that about 54% of local residents consider the law on legalization of bitcoin in the country to be incorrect. About 24% see some prospects in the initiative. Only 20% of the citizens of El Salvador supported Nayib Bukele’s crypto initiative.

To understand the attitude of local residents towards the legalization of bitcoin, Disruptiva team conducted a survey among 1233 citizens from July 1 to July 4. It turned out that 46% of Salvadorans know nothing about bitcoin. About 65% of the country’s citizens stated that they do not want to receive payments in cryptocurrency.

Recall that the Congress of El Salvador approved bitcoin as an official means of payment on June 9, 2021. There is no national currency in the country. For settlements, local citizens use US dollars. Bitcoin, according to the plan, should become an addition to the American currency. The cryptocurrency will become legal on September 7, 2021.

In order to popularize bitcoin in the country, the local authorities decided to organize the distribution of BTC. It will be possible to receive cryptocurrency through a special Chivo wallet. It was presented by the head of state himself:

The fact that the citizens of El Salvador are skeptical about the government’s crypto initiative became known immediately after its presentation in early June 2021.

Earlier, information appeared on the network that the World Bank refused to help El Salvador in legalizing bitcoin at the state level.

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