December 7, 2019 / news

Most Ethereum Nodes Are Still Not Ready For Istanbul Hard Fork

According to Ethernodes service, there are less than 10 hours left before Istanbul is activated, but most Parity and Geth customers are still not ready for this massive upgrade. At the press time, 49% of Geth clients and 46% of Parity have been updated. 

istanbul nodes readyness

On December 6, the Ethereum Foundation recommended that users update the Parity nodes, for which a new version of the software was urgently released.

The developers themselves note that Parity Ethereum v2.5.11-stable and Parity Ethereum v2.6.6-beta include an emergency patch that adds the missing eip1344_transition function to the main network.

Recall, the planned Ethereum hard fork called Istanbul will take place at block # 9069000.

It will become the eighth major update on the network of the second cryptocurrency capitalization and is expected to usher in the transition to ETH 2.0, a new stage in the evolution of the project, which will include the migration to the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm in the future.

The upcoming upgrade, among other things, will ensure Ethereum compatibility with Zcash cryptocurrency, increase the scalability of solutions based on SNARKs and STARKs technologies, as well as change the cost of gas for various operating codes (opcodes) in order to complicate spam blocks and increase the network’s resistance to DoS attacks.


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