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Monoplasma – The Technology For Transactions In Cryptocurrencies On The Ethereum Blockchain


The Streamr company has developed technology to improve the scalability level of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain cryptocurrency called Monoplasma. This software allows users to send digital assets to multiple addresses simultaneously.

Monoplasma is primarily useful solution for developers of decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. However, it has to simplify the process of sending cryptocurrency to blockchain users, in particular, during the Airdrop campaigns. Monoplasma mechanism was demonstrated on the example of sending Unicorn tokens to 200 thousand addresses.

The main feature of Monoplasma is the payment channel of the program operates only unilaterally: payees cannot send tokens back. This eliminates the possibility of double spending cryptocurrency. Simultaneously with the Monoplasma technology, Streamr launched the Community Products service on the trading platform. Thanks to it users are able to sell their personal data to interested buyers.

Monoplasma aims to distribute income, dividends, awards for participating in a loyalty program or Airdrop. This technology makes it possible to perform several million transactions within a minute and therefore suits the blockchain to startups that perform a large number of remittances.

Monoplasma software is available on GitHub. The creators of the project offer everyone to test the new development in practice and evaluate the benefits of the program.