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Monero Implemented Hardfork Against Bitmains Asics

monero hardfork

On Friday, April 6, Monero network implemented hardfork, and the developers said that upgrade went successfully. About This they wrote in Twitter:

Hardfork has implemented at block 1546000, when the new network software was launched. At the same time, considering character of an upgrade, there were some doubts about the degree to which the process was smooth and safe.

Historically, Monero network hardforks are quite common, and they were previously usually called upon to implement certain improvements. The current fork, has primarily aimed at countering the Antminer X3 – the new Bitmain ASIC based on the POW-algorithm CryptoNight.

Birth Of New Forks

Monero team immediately announced its rejection of the Antminer X3, but this did not prevent the releases of several cryptocurrency forks, such as Monero Classic and Monero Original.

Monero developers, however, initially distanced themselves from all similar projects, saying that they had nothing to do with it. They did not recommend users to enter wallets private keys on dubious resources in order to obtain “free” coins:

We are not affiliated with nor do we endorse MoneroV, Monero0, or Monero Classic. Furthermore, we strongly discourage Monero users to reuse their keys to claim their MoneroV, Monero0, or Monero Classic.

New Monero upgrade also upgraded such a parameter as the “ring size”. In the new version of the software it has increased from 5 to 7. This upgrade designed to increase the level of transactions privacy and provide protection against the deannonimization vector.


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