November 19, 2019 / news

Monero Client Could Be Compromised

The official Monero client may have been compromised. This, cryptocurrency developers posts on Reddit.

According to the publication, one of the users drew attention to the fact that the hash of the CLI binaries files downloaded by him from the official cryptocurrency website does not match the hash of the files downloaded from the repository on GitHub. The development team concluded their storage was compromised and various CLI files were available for download within 35 minutes.

Now the download is from a backup source. It is recommended that users who have downloaded these files in the past 24 hours verify their integrity.

 If the hashes do not match, do NOT run what you downloaded. If you have already run them, transfer the funds out of all wallets that you opened with the (probably malicious) executables immediately, using a safe version of the Monero wallet, the publication said.

There is no official information about a possible theft of cryptocurrency, however, one of the Reddit users claims that after launching new CLI files, $ 7,000 disappeared from his wallet.

A user under the nickname moneromanz said that nine hours after launching these files, his cryptocurrency wallet was devastated by one single transaction. Note that he tried three times to publish a comment with this information under the post of developers, but he was constantly deleted.

How many people downloaded the compromised files is unknown. The development team is investigating the incident, the results of which will be published additional information.

Note that in November, a hard fork should happen in the Monero blockchain – an update of the protocol is scheduled for November 30. Compromised CLI files are needed just to work with the updated protocol.

During the update, the developers plan to introduce a new RandomX hardware mining algorithm and exclude long payment identifiers to increase the level of anonymity.

Over the past day, anonymous cryptocurrency has fallen in price by almost 5%. Today its course is not very volatile – in all likelihood, the news did not affect the market in any way. XMR tokens are trading at $ 59.14.


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