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How Does Mining Develop In 2018?


Cryptocurrency mining demand best shows change of the network hashrate. BitInfoCharts service have collected for you a little statistics on cryptocurrencies from TOP-10 on POW algorithm since the beginning of this year:

Bitcoin – despite the tragic statements of miners about mining at a loss, the bitcoin hashrate has grown by 238% and was equal to 50.8 EH/s.

Bitcoin Cash – this year BCH hashrate has grown by 128%, which is quite good. But the overall figure of 4.35 EH/s clearly shows which of the bitcoins is preferred by the miners.

Ethereum – the growth was 76% and today is equal to 280 TH/s. At the same time, from the middle of March the Ethereum hashrate practically stands still on the threshold of the transition to hybrid POW/POS mining, announced for the autumn.

Litecoin – fell to the price of November last year, but the miners still increased the capacity of the equipment by 152% to 278 TH/s.

Monero is only one cryptocurrency in our list, whose hashrate has decreased by 22%. The reason for this is in the spent hardfork for protection against ASIC-mining, after which the hashed fell 84% to 157 MH/s and then recovered to today’s value of 427 MH/s.



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