November 27, 2018 / news

Mining Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin Cash SV Are More Profitable Than Bitcoin Mining


Last week the mining of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) cryptocurrency became more profitable than Bitcoin (BTC) mining. This is primarily due to the fall in the BTC rate, which has fallen by 41% since November 15.

According to the Coin Dance, Bitcoin mining will make 33.9% less profit than Bitcoin Cash SV mining. Bitcoin Cash mining is 10.30% more profitable than Bitcoin. The difference in income is due to several factors: the complexity of mining, the blockchain hash rate, the size of the reward for adding a block, and the transaction commission.

It is worth noting that the income from the BTC production should increase in the next 2 weeks due to a decrease in mining complexity, which occurs with a delay of about 14 days. The hash power of the Bitcoin network fell by 13%, however, the complexity of mining decreased by only 5%. The number of miners BTC will continue to decline, this will lead to a fall in the hashrate and, accordingly, will facilitate the process of cryptocurrency mining because the bearish trend continues to dominate in the Bitcoin market.


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