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How To Mine Bitcoin On Your PC

In view of the fact that cryptocurrencies continue to get adoption, a growing number of people are starting to wonder: How can I get these cryptocurrencies? The answer is simple: you can just buy them, well, or mine…

Mining is the process of finding math solutions for a block using the capacities of special hardware. For each found solution, the user (miner) receives a reward in coins. The special hardware includes ASIC, video cards, and also processors (although this option is the least profitable). In this article, we will consider the last method – mining on a home PC (processor), namely, programs for mining. As a rule, each program has basic requirements for the computer, which must be taken into account before launching it.

What do you need to start

In order to proceed to the mining, you first need to decide on the coin and create a wallet for its storage. As a rule, wallets supporting needed coin can be found on the official website of cryptocurrency creator.

Next, we determine the program for mining. This process should be approached with special care, because each of them has its pros and cons, which, in turn, will affect the amount of your income. Also, it will not be superfluous to read reviews about the program that can be found on the Internet.

Overview of programs for mining on a home PC


Service was founded in 2016. The basic requirements of program are the presence of a 64-bit computer and the Windows operating system.

To run the program, the user will need to register on website and download the program of automatic mining of the cryptocurrency. After installation, open the program and go through the authorization. Now open the software and click the “Enable” button. That’s all. The program for mining is started!

Program advantages:

Low withdrawal fees

Ability to connect multiple computers


The Computta service is a relatively new service for mining on a home PC. Has a user-friendly interface and a large number of operation modes of the mining program.

To run the program the user will need to register on the website and download the program. Thanks to the smart mode, the program allows you to perform other functions on the computer in addition to mining cryptocurrency.

Program advantages:

Ability to connect multiple computers

Availability of the application not only for the PC, but also for the video card

Affiliate program availability

24/7 withdrawal of funds


Service MinerGate is a platform for combined cryptocurrency mining. On the platform, not only the first cryptocurrency has been added, but also a large number of altcoins, including the Ethereum, the Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Dash, Monero, Bytecoin, FantomCoin, QuazarCoin, Aeon coin, MonetaVerde and others.

To run the program, the user will need to register on the official website, specifying an e-mail and password. Only after the end of the registration we download the necessary program for work. The site contains a list of current versions, from which the user should choose the one that is most suitable for him.

Program advantages:

Support of large amounts of cryptocurrency for mining

Powerful program for automatic mining

Is Mining On PC Profitable?

Profitability of mining on a home computer is directly proportional to the processor’s power.

A few years ago, when the cryptocurrency was not as popular as it is now, the mining could be run almost on any device. But now everything has changed: the number of miners has significantly increased, and after it the mining complexity. Therefore, if you can still try to mine on a powerful processor, then it’s completely unprofitable to work on a laptop.

By the way, even if you buy a powerful PC, then its payback, as well as paying for energy costs, will justify themselves, but this will take a very long time.

From a technical point of view, you can run mining on a computer, but because of the high complexity of the mining network, hardware can not get you the expected result.

Therefore, one of the top coins is not exactly worth adjusting. But you can try to concentrate your power on the mining of new little-known cryptocurrencies. Perhaps someday one of them will be recognized, and then you will receive a round reward for your efforts. Therefore, if you have a powerful home computer, you can try your luck.

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