January 21, 2022 / Business

MicroStrategy Lead Intends To Keep Bitcoin Even It Deeps To 40% From The Maximum

bitcoin rate

MicroStrategy head Michael Saylor told Bloomberg that he is pursuing a strategy to hold Bitcoin as well as buy it, despite the fact that the price has fallen 40% from its high. He added that MicroStrategy is “not seller.”

Saylor believes that Bitcoin is the best defense against inflation and that his company did the right thing by transferring reserve funds to the first cryptocurrency. Therefore, he feels “great comfort” during the skyrocketing price, even though Bitcoin has fallen from its high of $69,000 to $40,000.

At the moment, MicroStrategy has 124,391 BTC on its balance, which are valued at $5.2 billion at the current exchange rate. $3.75 billion was spent on their purchase, totaling the average purchase price at the moment is $30,159.

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