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Microsoft Will Lead A New Blockchain Consortium


IT-giant Microsoft has combined forces with several other technology concerns and financial institutions in order to form a new blockchain group called the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

 The main focus of this alliance will be on the adoption of Ethereum's blockchain in corporations.

 According to info that we have, work on the project has been carried out for several month, probably they will make an official statement about its launch in till the end of February.

 There are no details yet from the organizations involved in this initiative, however, it only fuels speculation. It is probably we are talking about the same project that was mentioned previously in November last year, but then it was about the Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network.

  As it was reported, working together members of the business industry would be able to use the effect of immutable distributed registries, a new platform was designed that united in one group companies could deploy and exploit Ethereum's  blockchain by one click.

 Earlier, Microsoft informed about a partnership with blockchain startups Tierion. They will use platform Azure to design a decentralized system of identification.

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