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Micree Zhan Takes A Shot To Regain The Control of Bitmain


Former CEO at Bitmain, Micree Zhan, proposed that all directors be recalled and reinstated as the sole head of the company at a meeting of Bitmain shareholders. Most shareholders rejected the offer.

One of the participants in the meeting noted that a month after the return of Jihan Wu, Bitmain “is flourishing and morale is very high.”

I dont know why Zhan hold this meeting, awkward, he added.

In a recent speech by Jihan Wu, an inscription was placed on the screen behind him: "The Bitmain you are familiar with is now back."

Wu retired to CEO at the end of October, and Zhan was stripped of all posts. In response, he threatened war.

The conflict between the two co-founders of Bitmain has been going on for several years.

Recall that in the middle of the year it became known about Bitmain's plans for an IPO in the United States. After Wu returned, the company filed an application with the support of the German financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank.