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What Is Masternodes: The List Of Coins


Cryptocurrency masternodes acts very important role in the work of a number of blockchain systems.

Masternode is server, unique in functionality, supports instant transfers and private transactions within the network. The idea of ​​creation belongs to the American Evan Duffield, the creator of the Darkcoin (Dash) cryptocurrency.

Dash masternode increases the anonymity of transactions by dividing information about them into several separate parts that are stored only on its server. In this case, tracking the movement of funds is almost impossible.

Subsequently, cryptocurrency masternodes were used by developers of other projects. There are sites on the Internet that help you choose the best masternodes whose rating is periodically updated.

List Of Coins

A complete register of blockchain projects using masternodes is available at Each line displays information:

masternode list

  • On the current value of cryptocurrency.
  • The dynamics of the course.
  • Market capitalization.
  • ROI.
  • The amount of masternodes in a particular ecosystem.
  • The amount of coins needed to configure the masternode.
  • The cost of the masternode of this cryptocurrency.

How To Make Profit On Masternodes

Masternodes get a certain amount of coins when generating a cryptocurrency block. For example, Dash miners give 45% of the profit on the maintenance of the main nodes. Money is equally distributed between masternode operators. The system is used in networks using both PoS and Pow consensus algorithms.

The payback of a masternode cannot be accurately predicted, cryptocurrencies are volatile and a sharp change in the market value of a coin can either make it rich or ruin its holder.

It all depends on the success of this project and the market situation. For example, when starting the Dash blockchain network, the altcoin cost $ 1, and to get the masternode ownership, you need to have 1000 Dash in your wallet. In the current period, the conditions for launching the main node have not changed, but the market price of cryptocurrency is $ 75.

Of course, there are projects with a shorter payback period, for example, the masternode of Sinovate cryptocurrency will bring from 170 to 220% per year. That is, according to her index, ROI in the current period, you can return your money already in a year. But, as already mentioned, long-term forecasts cannot be fully trusted. You invest at your own risk.


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