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Marina Gurieva: HSE Hackathon – a perfect opportunity to start your own business

HSE Hackathon

On Sunday in Moscow ended a 48-hour Hackathon Blockchain Hack, organized by the prototyping Center of Higher School of Economics with the support of Waves platform and QIWI. The Hackathon winner was the project - Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence that has made intellectual analysis of blockchain data. DBI team won the main prize and a cash award of $ 10,000 Waves.

The second place and a special prize from QIWI got A-smart team that created the visual designer of smart-contracts for non-programmers. Also, a special prize from Waves got Smart Gaming (a control version for smart games), another separate award went to the team that implemented a backup of posts from social networks and blogs in "Golos" blockchain.

Gurieva Marina told about the features of the Hackathon and HSE incubation program.

She said that the incubation program was open to absolutely everyone and was held for the second time. The first time it was held in the spring and summer. The target index - at least a half of the projects should be on blockchain, although the program itself should focus mainly on fintech.

You could send applications through a form on the incubator website; there was an absolutely simple field because the work was going with projects that start with business ideas. That should be an idea, a team, and preferably some prototype so that it could be understandable that people were moving in their direction.

On the question- could a team without developers and a prototype take a part? She said that they usually spent a marathon for generation of ideas, in which participants could find a team. Actually, this Hackathon revolved around how to the authors of ideas to find and form a team.

She noted that Sasha Ivanov from Waves, participated in Hackathon last year, where he was a lecturer and held a series of master classes. He had an unformed idea and within the Hackathon he brought the idea to the end and found a people ready to a partnership.

She stated that Hackathon was the perfect opportunity to start your own business and actually start in a promising direction. The goal of the event was to have more projects and startups that work with advanced fintech technologies including blockchain. If we talked about the Waves, they were interested in the fact that there were more start-ups that would use their technology. For QIWI, it was more an info format.


In addition, we are also talking about the fact that there is a demand for programmers because the market is not very saturated. It is also a good opportunity for talented developers to get into the realm of large companies attention. So what do the guys, it is useful to them and if they show that something can, they will be able to establish itself. Then it is a matter of choice: you can find interesting suggestions here, or you can submit your resume on some job elsewhere.

This applies not only to front-end and back-end developers but also designers, so this question is complex and infrastructure. We are talking about the ecosystem as a whole.

Recall a year ago at the same blockchain Hackathon the winner was a team that had developed the infrastructure to create modular blockchain systems called Scorex but had also proven Permacoin algorithm.

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