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List Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Supports Hard Fork Ethereum Constantinople

ethereum constantinople

Ethereum Constantinople mainnet hard fork  scheduled for block #7080000 estimated tentatively on January 16. In advance of ETH blockchain upgrade, we have prepared a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that will support the hardfork Constantinople.


The largest in trading volume Binance Exchange confirmed its readyness to support hardfork Constantinople. The company will implement all the necessary technical requirements and will process cryptocurrency transactions in the normal mode.


The multifunctional trading platform CEX.IO will update the software after the hard fork implementation. During the upgrade, the exchange will stop the input and output of Ethereum cryptocurrency, then the company's specialists will test the network and resume the function of deposit and withdrawal of funds.


OKEx Exchange will fix the balance of the user account reaching block #7080000. Then the platform will implement a system update and begin processing transactions with ETH.


Bibox marketplace will support hard fork and will distribute cryptocurrency during Airdrop campaigns, if blockchain startups will conduct them. All ETH owners will receive forked tokens depending on the number of coins at the time of Constantinople implementation.


The Huobi Exchange will support hard fork and recommends transferring ETH to your account before upgrade. Huobi will distribute forked tokens if Ethereum developers decide to launch an Airdrop campaign.


The newbie Hotbit will implement all technical requirements and will support hard fork. Platform advises to translate ETH until the implementation of Constantinople.


American trading platform OKCoin will fix the users balance at the moment of the hard fork and then perform the system update in accordance with the technical requirements of the upgrade.


The EtherFlyer Exchange will upgrade the software after a hard fork and will participate in the Airdrop campaign if it is conducted. Therefore, users of the site will be able to count on a free fork cryptocurrency.


Chinese BitForex platform will support Constantinople and all other hard forks on Ethereum. The company will also participate in Airdrop campaigns from the blockchain of startups Ethereum Nowa and Classic Vision.


During the hard fork implementation, the Indian exchange WazirX will suspend the possibility of input and output of all ERC 20 tokens, including Ethereum. After that, the company will update the system and resume all services.


The Exodus multifunctional cryptocurrency platform will support Constantinople and will distribute hard fork coins to its users if they are created during the upgrade.


Koinex Indian peering marketplace will participate in Ethereum hard fork. The company is implementing technical changes and will support Constantinople.


The international exchange BitMart has confirmed its participation in the hard fork. Like other companies, BitMart will update the system and resume the input and output function of Ethereum after testing the network.


The Catex trading and mining platform will support Ethereum hard fork. The company will fix the balance of users and will distribute tokens if they are created during the implementation of the update.


Indodax Indonesia has confirmed its readiness to support hard fork. Representatives of the company said that the software platform will meet all technical requirements.


Thailand platform TOKOK will support hard fork and will distribute tokens to users during Airdrop.


ABCC Exchange is ready for the upcoming hard fork. The site will fulfill all technical requirements and resume transaction processing in Ethereum after updating the network.