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US Watchdogs Want To Enact A Tax Exemption On Cryptocurrency Transactions Which Amount Less Than $ 600

Token Taxonomy Act, which was recently resubmitted to the US Congress, will potentially exempt transactions of less than $ 600 from taxes. This was announced at the conference Consensus by ...

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American Federal Dictrict Сourt Found Bitcoin Cryptocurrency To Be Money

The Michigan District Court (USA) declared Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency as a legal money. This verdict was rendered during the consideration of a criminal case on the fact of money laundering ...

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Singapore’s Minister For Law Outlaws Cryptocurrency

Singapore’s Minister for Law called cryptocurrency a nonlegal payment instrument and urged corporate structures to refrain from using digital assets to pay for goods and services. The Singapore government passed ...

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck Will Get A License This Year

Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan approved an application for a license by Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange. According to the Nikkei news agency, the FSA will issue a license later this year, however, ...

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South Korea Will Ban Anonymous Cryptotrading From January 30

The authorities of South Korea intensified the rugulation of cryptocurrencies trading. The innovations will come into force on January 30, according to Financial Services Commission. Now each trader must identify himself through the bank ...

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Belarus President Signed A Decree That Legalizes Mining And Cryptocurrencies

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed the decree about the development of the digital economy, which pays much attention to the cryptocurrency payments development and blockhain technology. Thus, the decree establishes ...

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ICOs in Japan May Fall Within The Scope Of The Payment Services Act Or The Financial Instruments And Exchange Act

Initial coin offerings (ICO) can be regulated by several current laws in Japan. This stated in the official statement of the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA). As the regulator explained, ICOs may fall within ...

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China Is Going To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Chinese media reported that regulators will issue laws to regulate virtual currencies on October 1, 2017. Jinse states that the cryptocurrency rules has included in the "General Principles of the Civil Law of ...

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