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The Largest Price Drops In The History Of Bitcoin

bitcoin drops

Recently, it is very easy to draw wrong conclusions, watching the bitcoin price movement.  At that moment, bitcoin haters is getting the arena, which do not adopt it as currency. So, negative forecasts are added to the sharp dip, which sow even greater panic in the cryptocurrency market. 

The rapid decline was not spared bitcoin, which during this year lost 70% of its value.  But, if you recall the story, it turns out that this phenomenon occurs with "digital gold" is not the first time. The maximum decline was 87% at the end of 2013.

And while today bitcoin lost 70%, in April 2013 there was a much more unfortunate situation, when bitcoin has lost as much as 83% within three days.

Analytical site HowMuch showes the history of bitcoin drops on the charts below.

bitcoin drops chart

As we can see, the last correction is already a normal phenomenon in the crypto-currency space. There were big deflections in the price of the most popular crypto currency in the last few years. But in the end, every deep correction carried a worthy reward to its coin holders.