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Justin Sun Confirmed The Purchase Of BitTorrent

tron bittorrent

After several months of rumors and speculation, one of the largest purchasing in the cryptocurrency industry is officially confirmed: the Tron Foundation, which is behind the Tron blockchain project, acquired BitTorrent. About this on Tuesday, July 24, in his Twitter account said the founder of Tron Justin Sun:

BitTorrent portfolio has several very popular file sharing products, which will lead Tron to a multi-million audience around the world. The company is responsible for the development of one of the most popular p2p-protocols, BitTorrent, which monthly transfers more than 3 billion GB of data. Tron Foundation will continue to develop the BitTorrent protocol, as this tool can become the "world's largest decentralized ecosystem", which Tron strives to create. Both units will join their teams, and BitTorrent will move to Tron's office in San Francisco. It is possible that this merger is part of a larger plan to use the recently launched Tron network. Sun notes:

Anyone who has ever used the BitTorrent protocol, has worked with or benefited from this protocol, will become part of the TRON family.

The BitTorrent protocol literally connects all users: when one client wants to download a file, BitTorrent simultaneously downloads parts of this file from people who already have it on their devices, which maximizes the transfer speed. Cryptocurrency  Tron (TRX) is ranked 10th in the market capitalization rating with an estimate of $ 2.5 billion.