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Investors Of Telegram Open Network Project Get Instructions With Further Actions


According to one of the Telegram channels dedicated to Pavel Durov's cryptocurrency project TON (GRAM), its investors received newsletters and access to the key generation software for their accounts (TON Key Generator).

Information also appeared on confirmation of the launch of the project in October 2019. According to another Telegram channel, the TON project will run in the second half of the month.

Recall that a copy of the GRAM token sale and purchase agreement (TON) appeared on the network earlier. According to the document, the project launch deadline is scheduled for October 31. If the TON team does not implement its plan on time, it refunds to investors.

TON Key Generator was presented on the GitHub. With its help, project investors will be able to receive GRAM tokens. To do this, they will need to generate and provide Telegram with a public key, upon confirmation of which account data will be verified. Recent investors have indicated in the agreement on the purchase of GRAM tokens. It is known that project participants must generate a key by October 16th.

Investors must also indicate a validator. With its help, interaction with project tokens will occur. Telegram representatives and the TON Foundation will not be able to act as validators.

Note, there is no official confirmation of information published on Telegram channels.