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The World’s Largest Cypto Platforms Tested for Security

ICORating team of experts provided the results of the security ranking. About 135 cryptocurrency trading platforms with the daily trade volume exceeding $100,000 were evaluated. Top of the security ranking ...

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Major Variation In Bitcoin Mining Market

Bitcoin mining had serious variations in 2018. The hash rate of the mining pools such as F2Pool and BTCC decreased, and the number of unknown miners increased. According to research company ...

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Why Is Bitcoin Still Not A Payment System?

It has been argued that Bitcoin can’t compete with existing payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard. What prevents it from becoming their full-fledged competitor further in the article. The main ...

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Chinese Bitcoin Millionaire Threw Out A Few Million Dollars

Chinese bitcoin millionaire Wong Ching Kit decided to follow the example of the Telegram messenger creator, Pavel Durov. Kit threw out several thousand banknotes of 100 Hong Kong dollars from the ...

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New Year’s Gift Ideas For Cryptocurrency Fans

On the eve of the New Year's holidays, ShapeShift compiled a list of gifts that will appeal to all cryptocurrency fans. If someone of your friends or relatives keeps Bitcoin, mines digital assets or ...

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Cryptocurrency Miners Became One Of Driving Forces On The Bear Market

The new generation of miners less frequently hodl mined coins, preferring to hedge price risks by opening short positions. To survive the “cryptocurrency winter”, miners increasingly have to become experts of ...

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CipherTrace: This Year Hackers Stole More Than $ 927 Million In Cryptocurrency

According to the latest report of the American company CipherTrace, over the past nine months, the amount of stolen funds from cryptocurrency exchanges reached $ 927 million, which was almost ...

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Bank Of Canada Conducted A Research Of Bitcoin Popularity

The Central Bank of Canada published the results of a research of the bitcoin popularity in the country. 2,500 Canadians took part in this interview.  The Bitcoin Omnibus Survey interview was conducted ...

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