The War Between Bitcoin ABC And Bitcoin SV Will Not Stop After Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Will Be Implemented

The disputes between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV devs may lead to a split of the blockchain Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency (BCH). Technical update of the network will be implemented today, however, the ...

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Tethers Partner Deltec Bank & Trust Is Accused Of Money Laundering

According to O Globo, law enforcement agencies of Brazil initiated a criminal proceeding against Deltec Bank & Trust, which is a partner of blockchain startup Tether.  Police accuse the bank of money laundering. ...

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The Movies About Bitcoin You Need To Watch

Since the first days of bitcoin, the community has interested in getting more information about it and the possibilities of its application. So we want to resent to you a well-known movies ...


CipherTrace: This Year Hackers Stole More Than $ 927 Million In Cryptocurrency

According to the latest report of the American company CipherTrace, over the past nine months, the amount of stolen funds from cryptocurrency exchanges reached $ 927 million, which was almost ...

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$ 3000 Or $ 30,000: How Much Bitcoin Will Cost In December

Fundstrat Global Advisers chief analyst, Tom Li, has confirmed the forecast that by December the bitcoin will reach $30 000 though other "bulls" aren't so optimistical.  In May, BitMEX CEO Arthur ...

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Why Do You Need Bitcoin

About ten years the media sphere is entertaining us news about bitcoin, having buried it more than 300 times and not planning to stop. The secret of bitcoin is beyond the ...

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How Does Mining Develop In 2018?

Cryptocurrency mining demand best shows change of the network hashrate. BitInfoCharts service have collected for you a little statistics on cryptocurrencies from TOP-10 on POW algorithm since the beginning of this ...

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‘Decriminalization’ Of The Bitcoin: How Much Of The Illegal Goods In The Global Turnover Are Paid For With Bitcoin?

The European crypto-exchange conducted its own research seeking an answer to the question of whether in mid-2018 Bitcoin can be considered the currency of hackers, drug addicts and weapon ...

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