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The Alleged Organizator Of The OneCoin Cryptocurrency Arrested In The USA

One of the alleged organizators of the notorious OneCoin financial pyramid, Konstantin Ignatov, was arrested on March 6 at Los Angeles International Airport on charges brought against him by the ...

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The New Rating Of Forbes Billionaires Includes Two Representatives Of The Crypto Industry

On March 5, 2019 Forbes magazine published an annual ranking of the richest people in the world. The list of dollar billionaires for the first time included representatives of the ...

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Ethereum-Pool Has Frozen An Strange High Reward Of $ 300 Thousands

The Sparkpool mining pool decided to freeze the reward of 2,103,1485 for the block # 7 238 290. The organization suggests such a high commission could have been paid by someone in ...

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Institutional Investors Will Start Buying Tokens In The Next Five Years

Most large investors are actively watching the dynamics of the movement of cryptocurrency and is ready to start buying these assets over the next five years. This was stated by ...

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More Than 617 Million Accounts Are For Sale In Darknet

In the darknet marketplace Dream Market data exhibited 617 million accounts stolen from users of 16 websites. The aggregate value of information is less than $ 20 thousand in BTC. ...

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The Amount Of Cryptocurrency Loans Increased By 2 Times In The 4Q of 2018

According to the report of Genesis Capital, in November and December 2018, a record was set for the amount of loans issued for the purchase of cryptocurrency. In the 4Q, ...

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New Cryptocurrency Exchange Was Launched In Venezuela

There is a new crypto exchange in Venezuela called Interbanex. The rate of fiat currencies on the trading platform is formed by market situation and reflects the real supply and demand. Interbanex ...

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The United States To Face The Cryptovolution Soon

Notwithstanding the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency industry, the United States continues to hinder the development of this sector. At the legislative level, cryptocurrencies haven’t been stated and approved by ...

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