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LedgerX Accuses CFTC Of Deliberate Delay In Bitcoin Futures Launch

LedgerX accused the CFTC of deliberately delaying the consideration of its bid to launch a Clearing Derivative Center (DCO), which would allow it starting trading in deliverable Bitcoin futures.  Letters ...

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Remote Inquiry Showed Whether Users Believe In ETH At $ 1,000

Well-known community investor and author of Altcoin Trading Guide Nik Patel asked his Twitter followers if they believe that Ethereum will ever again trade above the $ 1,000 mark. It ...

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Grayscale Study: Bitcoin’s Potential Role As A Hedge Against Liquidity Risk Through The Lens Of Macroeconomic Developments

Grayscale has published a study entitled “Hedging US-China Trade Risk with Bitcoin.” The author of the study, Matthew Beck, believes that cryptocurrency provides investors with unique opportunities and should be ...

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“Bitcoin Creator” Calls Opponents Fraudsters. Ethereum Is Among Projects Which Get It Hot.

Craig Wright, who has long got a negative reputation in the crypto community is knocking other projects and their representatives again. At the same time, he was involved in forging ...

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Erik Finman: “Seems Like The Whole World Is Interested In What’s Happening on Capitol Hill Regarding Cryptocurrency.”

Yesterday, Erik Finman spoke in Congress to brief to the officials on Bitcoin and its implications for America. He noted that the audience is positive about cryptocurrencies and is ready to ...

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Why Did Warren Buffett Buy Amazon? When Will Buffett Buy Bitcoin?

The legendary investor and financial oracle Warren Buffett changed his mind about Bitcoin. No! He didn’t buy a cryptocurrency, furthermore, he doesn’t advise anyone to do this. In fact, he ...

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Telegram Cryptocurrency As The Most Anticipated Event In 2019

Since the end of hype over cryptocurrencies and decline of ICO boom, that developed a reputation to be highly questionable investment assets, the general interest to digital space and especially ...

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Will Litecoin Rise After Halving? Expert forecast

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Litecoin halving and its effect on the price of the cryptocurrency. Recall, the reduction of miners rewards for a block traditionally leads to an ...

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