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Telegram Cryptocurrency As The Most Anticipated Event In 2019

Since the end of hype over cryptocurrencies and decline of ICO boom, that developed a reputation to be highly questionable investment assets, the general interest to digital space and especially ...

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Will Litecoin Rise After Halving? Expert forecast

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Litecoin halving and its effect on the price of the cryptocurrency. Recall, the reduction of miners rewards for a block traditionally leads to an ...

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Bitcoin Rate Rise Provoked An Increase In The Number Of Cases Of Fraud

The recent rise of the Bitcoin price to increase the number of incidents related to the fraud of crypto users. The rise in price of the main digital asset returned ...

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What Are Bitcoin Investors Most Afraid Of?

Employees of Binance Research conducted a survey. According to the data obtained, institutional and VIP-clients of the cryptocurrency world are most concerned about the issue of technological effectiveness of the ...

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What Does Justin Sun Want To Achieve At Lunch With Warren Buffett For 4.56 million?

Warren Buffett repeatedly called digital assets a hoax. Justin Sun is going to change the attitude of the billionaire to the crypto. Earlier, CEO Tron won the right to lunch ...

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Adam Back: Satoshi Nakamoto Is A One Person Not A Group of Individuals

Blockstream CEO Adam Back is convinced that behind the pseudonym of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is hiding one person, but not several individuals. He said this in an interview with ...

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What Is Behind The Sharp Rise In The XRP Price

Ripple price has shown a sharp rise within last 24 hours, rising to a certain point to $ 0.39. Were there any specific factors behind this growth, or was it a ...

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Survey: 11% Of Americans Own Bitcoins

According to a survey conducted by Blockchain Capital, 11% of US residents have Bitcoin. Major cryptocurrency is most popular among young people. Thus, 20% of millennials aged 18-34 years keep BTC. ...

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