Bank Of Canada Conducted A Research Of Bitcoin Popularity

The Central Bank of Canada published the results of a research of the bitcoin popularity in the country. 2,500 Canadians took part in this interview.  The Bitcoin Omnibus Survey interview was conducted ...

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Is Satoshi Nakamoto Writing A Book About Bitcoin? Investigation Of Wired

On Friday evening (June 29), a in the Internet network was published a text, allegedly written by Satoshi Nakamoto himself.  It is stated as the introduction to the book about the ...

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Researchers counted more than a thousand “dead” cryptocurrency projects

As of the end of June 2018, there are already more than a thousand cryptocurrency projects that actually ceased to exist. Such data leads the analytical resources of Coinopsy and ...

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Why Ripple Representatives Believe That Coinbase Should Add Support Of XRP

XRP is the third most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, that in recent months started rumors that the American crypto exchange Coinbase will begin trading these tokens. While this is just ...

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Sсhemes That Use Fraudsters To Catch Bitcoin Whales

Bitcoin-whales are people who hold thousands of coins on their wallets. As it turned out, there are very few of them. Startup Chainalysis scanned bitcoin network and found that only ...

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Switzerland Government Plans To Create A National Digital Currency

Ministry of Finance of Switzerland is creating the report on risks and advantages of creating national digital currency at the request of Federal council of the government.  The initiative of carrying out a research was ...

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Is Cryptocurrency El Petro a Lifeline Or An Empty Hype For Venezuela?

This week the news that Venezuela raised $ 735 million on the first day of presale of the national cryptocurrency El Petro grab the headlines. Really, this event can be considered extraordinary, and there ...

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All What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Hardfork Litecoin Cash

On 18 February, at the block 1371111, will happen hardfork of the blockchain Litecoin called Litecoin Cash. The new chain has already criticized by the creator of "digital silver" Charlie Lee. He stressed about the ...

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