Top Craziest Scenarios For The Crypto Market Development

Daria Generalova, the founder of the ICOBox blockchain startup, published 6 craziest scenarios for the cryptocurrency market development in 2019. The crypto industry is famous for its unpredictability, so Generalova’s ...

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The World’s Largest Cypto Platforms Tested for Security

ICORating team of experts provided the results of the security ranking. About 135 cryptocurrency trading platforms with the daily trade volume exceeding $100,000 were evaluated. Top of the security ranking ...

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Major Variation In Bitcoin Mining Market

Bitcoin mining had serious variations in 2018. The hash rate of the mining pools such as F2Pool and BTCC decreased, and the number of unknown miners increased. According to research company ...

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Grayscale Investments Stated Zero Risk To Ethereum Classic Assets After The Attack 51%

Investment company Grayscale Investments has assured its customers that it has not been a direct risk to the fund's assets in Ethereum Classic after the attack 51% against cryptocurrency network ...

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The First Tweet About Bitcoin Was Published 10 Years Ago

On January 10, 2009, one of the leading representatives of the cipherpunk movement, Hal Finney, posted his first post about Bitcoin on Twitter. Running bitcoin — halfin (@halfin) January 11, ...

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Blockchain Dash Is Under Potential Threat Of 51% Attack

According to a report published on the Reddit website, over 51% of Dash hashrate is controlled by NiceHash. At the moment, the Dash network hashrate is 1790 TH/s, NiceHash accounts ...

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Bitcoin Has Died 90 Times In 2018

99bitcoins website keeps statistics on Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency obituaries. Since 2010, the digital asset has been buried 337 times; in 2018 alone, the death of the BTC was predicted 90 times. The ...

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Coinbase President Advises A Long-Term Cryptocurrency Investments

On December 20, CNBC conducted an interview with the president of Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange Asiff Hirji. The head of the major cryptocurrency company shared his opinion on the future of the ...

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