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August 2, 2021 / Interesting

China Doesn’t Intend To Ease Pressure On Crypto Community

Local regulators are not planning to stop there. China keeps imposing restrictions on crypto community. Information about this appeared on the official website of the regulator. In particular, local authorities keep putting pressure on traders who deal with cryptocurrencies. In parallel, the regulatory authorities will work on preparations for the launch of the digital yuan. […]

August 1, 2021 / Interesting

“Stabledollar”: What USA Offers As An Alternative To CBDC

None of the major countries have begun to regulate the stablecoin market. But US Federal Reserve considers not only a threat, but also an opportunity to launch its CBDC counterpart, which is different from most projects. The American regulator is preparing to reduce or eliminate the risks arising from the rapid proliferation of private stablecoins. […]

July 30, 2021 / Interesting

Will Binance Scam? Regulators Pressure And Future Of Cryptoexchange

Today Binance is the TOP-1 platform over the world, but about a month ago, the crypto exchange started having serious problems with regulators, which it cannot yet solve. The authorities in the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, Malta, and other countries want to see the Binance license, which, as it turned out, does not exist. And […]

July 26, 2021 / Interesting

Research: 40% Of Countries Are Into Studying The Prospects For Digital National Currency Issuing

A year earlier, regulators of only 35 jurisdictions were engaged in analyzing the possibilities of issuing an instrument. Countries that account for over 90% of global GDP are engaged in exploring the possibilities of launching a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Analysts of Atlantic Council came to such conclusions. It turned out that 40% of […]

July 21, 2021 / Interesting

Bitcoin Dropping Below $ 30,000 – Further Decline Or Resumption Of Growth

Bitcoin fell below $ 30,000, for altcons the fall is even greater, and we can now assert the beginning of the BTC season. Today in the article we are discussing whether the current bitcoin dump will cause a new panic sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, as it was on May 19. $ 30,000 The bears […]

July 17, 2021 / Interesting

Research: 2Q Of 2021 Was A Record For NFT Market

According to analysts, the market for non-fungible tokens has exceeded $ 750 million. NFT asset data provider Nonfungible has published a report on the non-fungible token market for 2Q of 2021. According to the report, the market volume exceeded $ 750 million, while in the last quarter this figure was equal to $ 500 million. […]

July 16, 2021 / Interesting

Ethereum, Cosmos, Shiba INU: Cryptocurrency Rate Review

Ethereum remains the TOP-2 cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization and the TOP-1 in the development of DeFi projects. Despite the lucrative offers on Binance Smart Chain, developers choose Ethereum for leading projects, and users appreciate it. According to statistics, it is DeFi on Ethereum that continues to develop when Binance and other sites record a […]

July 2, 2021 / Interesting

Why You Should Buy Ethereum For The Long Term In 2021: 3 Main Reasons

In this article, we will analyze 3 reasons why you should buy Ethereum. The author of the TOP-1 cryptocurrency YouTube channel, Ben Armstrong, has long been in favor of Ethereum, and here are the reasons why he advises buying it right now with an eye to the long term. Ethereum Prediction By Ben Armstrong Ben […]

June 30, 2021 / Interesting

Continuation Of Bitcoin Bullish Trend: BTC Forecast On Elliott Waves

Despite the sad price of Bitcoin, the news is extremely bullish. So, in El Salvador, BTC will become legal tender on September 7, and the authorities bought $ 120 million worth of cryptocurrencies in order to conduct a large-scale airdrop among the population. Jack Dorsey is also launching a new initiative to promote Bitcoin, and […]

June 23, 2021 / Interesting

Bitcoin Forecast For Summer 2021: What Price Robert Kiyosaki Will Buy BTC

China bans Bitcoin again. BTC miners are shutting down operations across the country. At the same time, authorities have instructed banks and Alipay not to support cryptocurrency transactions. In 2017, after a similar ban, Bitcoin grew by 500%. Robert Kiyosaki is ready to buy even more at a price of $ 27,000. He expects the […]

June 12, 2021 / Interesting

When Kittens Took Over The Internet, DOGE Took Over The Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency-meme was on everyone’s lips due to the unprecedented growth of quotations and the endless stream of tweets by Elon Musk. In late 2013, two developers from IBM and Adobe – Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer – launched an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on LuckyCoin. Dogecoin, fork of Litecoin, was based on a popular […]

June 11, 2021 / Interesting

Central Banks Of France And Switzerland To Test Cross-Border Transactions With CBDC

The pilot involves the not yet launched digital euro for business, the Swiss franc, and an intermediate instrument of French Central Bank based on distributed ledger technology (DLT). On the website of the Swiss National Bank, information appeared that it, together with the Central Bank of France (Banque de France) and representatives of the private […]