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U.S. Blockchain Association To Study ICO Regulation

The U.S. Blockchain Association has created a working group to coordinate the efforts of industry participants to amend securities laws. Therefore, the working group includes such members as CoinList Platform headed General ...


Bitfinex Introduces IEO In A New Manner

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has restarted its platform for conducting IEO. The new platform is called Bitfinex Token Sales. This information was published on the company’s blog. Recall, that ...

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SEC Fined Research Service ICORating In $ 268,000+

Russian-based research company ICORating has agreed to pay fines of $ 268,998 to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC Charges ICO Research and Rating Provider With Failing to ...

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Coingecko: IEOs Have Raised 262 Million For The Last 6 Months

The number of initial exchange offerings (IEO) is growing.  According to CoinGecko, 72 projects have attracted a total of $ 262 million for 6 months. As noted, in January 2019, ...

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Bitfinex Plans To Support IEO Through The New Platform Tokinex

Bitfinex along with the Ethfinex subsidiary announced the launch of the IEO platform, Tokinex. After much development to ensure a user-optimised experience, we are proud to unveil the latest product ...

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Funds Raised By ICO Projects Fell In 58 Times Compared With The Previous Year

In the first quarter of 2019, ICO projects attracted $ 118 million. This is in 58 times less than last year, when the figure was $ 6.9 billion. The Wall ...


Thailand Approved The Launch Of The First ICO Portal

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand announced the launch of the first portal for the initial coin offering (ICO). Portal representatives will check the blockchain startup ICO for compliance with ...


What Way The Cryptocurrency Boom Has Enriched Marketing

Most ICO marketing tools were reached due to traditional digital business. In the cryptocurrency space , traditional marketing solutions have changed. They have adapted to a market with high volatility and an overheated ...

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