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ICO Market Analisys During Q1 Of 2018

ico 2018

The total volume of funds raised through the initial coin offerings (ICO) during Q1 of 2018 was $ 3.3 billion. For comparison, in 2017 with the help of ICO cryptocurrency ecosystem raised $ 6.1 billion according to ICORating.

As noted by the company's specialists, the indicators take into account only the funds raised only during finished ICO. The statistics do not take into account the data of the unfinished rounds of funding, indicators of presale and rounds of Telegram messenger funds.

Most the companies which held ICO work in spheres of financial services, exchanges, e-wallets and also in a blockchain infrastructure.

The average duration of all ICO was one-two months. At the same time only a half of projects could raise more than $100 thousand.

Geographically, most of the ICO were conducted in U.S. jurisdiction - 59 projects raised about $ 583.8 million, in Singapore - 34 projects, raised about $ 468.1 million, and the UK - 26 projects, raised $ 99.7 million, In Russia - 13 projects, which raised about $ 20.8 million.

At the same time, analysts have found that 46,6% of the total number of ICO projects had no ready-made product at the time of start their tokensale. However this results from the fact that for development of the minimum viable product (MVP) required funds. According to ICORating, MVP was available only for 26,2% of projects, 15,5% have created an alpha of a product, 11,2% — a beta, still 0,5% of projects had primary code.

Choosing similar projects that have nothing but an idea, investors can not  check the network performance in any way. Therefore, users faced with a choice when they may either blindly trust or look for another project.

It was also noted that cryptocurrency exchanges support only 21% of new tokens. By comparison at the end of 2017, this figure was 33%. Similar falling because 83% of the released coins from January to April, 2018 now cost below, than during presale.