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How To Protect Your Personal Data From Leakage: Instructions

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Almost every month there are reports of personal data leaks from one or another crypto service.

There are different reasons as carelessness or intentional actions of employees, gaps in information security of crypto services, actions of contractors with access to customer data.

After gaining a user base, scammers often resort to social engineering methods and take advantage of the indiscretion or gullibility of the customers themselves. For example, they write an email on behalf of crypto services and ask for passwords.

Users can hardly do anything about the leaks of personal information. But you can protect yourself from fraudsters who have someone else’s personal data in their hands.

How To Protect Your Coins

To protect your crypto you need to perform the next actions:

  • Never share your key information with anyone.
  • Protect your smartphones and computers: install only official service applications from Google Play, App Store, and Microsoft Store.
  • Use antivirus software.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links. Don’t open emails that promise you unexpected gifts and prizes. Attackers can infect your smartphone or computer with a virus and steal personal data.
  • Be careful when choosing an online store, contact only trusted retailers.

These simple rules help everyone to keep funds in a safe space without hackers and scammers.

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