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How To Conduct A Successful ICO In 2018: Marketing And Budget

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The playing field in ICO sphere changes every month. And the latest statistics of ICO-projects shows that many of them do not have time to adapt to them. At the beginning of 2018, 44% of the campaigns failed, and did not implement their ideas.

ICO is no longer a hype phenomenon, and now it is necessary to approach this form of fund raising more seriously. The marketing budget is growing, and the average indicators of investment collection are decreasing. To succeed, you need to have a prototype and get cryptocommunity adoption.

Listing ICO on the relevant sites (from $ 50,000)

It is also necessary to consider rating agencies that will conduct an independent audit of your project and will issue a report on its investment attractiveness:

We recommend to get a conclusion from one of the rating agencies first, correct the project’s shortcomings, if any, and then continue working with listings on paid and free resources.


Where to place:

Google, Facebook advertising campaigns – despite the ban, you can still watch advertising banners in these networks.

Purchase of announcements through specialized services:

Start working with traditional traffic channels – Google, Facebook, also connect the retargeting, for example Adroll. Closer to the beginning of the Sail, you can connect specialized cryptosystems, but be sure to monitor the quality of traffic.

Road Show (from $ 30,000)

Road-show for attracting VIP-investors, funds and pools is perhaps the main, with which it is worth starting in 2018. Let’s interview, speak at conferences, blog. The task is to tell potential investors about the project in all possible ways.

You can find a list of upcoming events here:

  • https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-events
  • https://www.coinschedule.com/#events

When looking for conferences, one should pay attention to speakers: if among them there are investors, members of funds and sign figures of the industry (they are potential advisers), you go there.

Be sure to pay attention to the presence in the program of pitch-sessions and the possibility to participate in them. Consult with the advisers: they will prompt conferences that are really worth attention.

PR (from $ 50,000)

There was a time when start in itself ICO actually guaranteed success. Unfortunately, these days have left. Means, you will need to work more to get support and trust of audience.

A few recommendations to move in the right direction:

  1. Form a strong team. This is the direction where all hands on deck. You need to have several copywriters, translators, and managers who will look for sites, negotiate the placement, negotiate with journalists, monitor info-guides, etc.
    Create a content plan according to your product and market. Generate themes for content, adhering to the product history, analyze the sites you want to publish, see attendance, the number of page views, the average time on the site, the publication policy of materials.
  2. If there are problems with info-guides, you can choose Telegram channels of five or ten top projects and, having analyzed their tapes, choose at least 100 information feeds for content.
  3. Write until your keyboard fails.
  4. Tell incredible stories. Explain to the audience how your project will affect the world. Try to evoke emotions: the masses are always interested in blood, sight, drama, HYIP. If in your ideas and PR actions there will be emotionality, massiveness will automatically come to it, and, therefore, financing of your product.
  5. Be consistent. Regular PR-publications allow you to track the course of events and reflect the dynamics and success of the project.
  6. Use the services to search for viral content: buzzsumo.com and mediametrics.ru/rating.
  7. Answer the journalists’ questions on special PR-resources:
  • pressfeed.ru
  • deadline.media
  • prprof.ru
  • mediadigger.ru
  • helpareporter.com

SMM and Crowdmarketing (from $ 25 000)

We will allocate several key platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Bitcointalk are must-have. They perfectly are suitable for communication with stakeholders. At the same time, besides blogs and forums, you surely have to have a platform for rapid response: Russian Telegram, Chinese Wechat and Korean KakaoTalk.

Let’s note that success consists in maximally alive and fast reaction of community managers. Inform the audience about the progress of the project, about which exhibitions and conferences you are participating in, with which partners you have entered into a cooperation agreement, who joined the project as a consultant, etc.

Do not limit yourself to maintaining your pages, place interesting and useful content in thematic groups.

There is an expansion for Google Chrome under the name Data Miner which allows to collect questions on the necessary keys with statistics about the number of followers and answers. Having unloaded in Excel, it is possible to choose quickly target questions which have a large number of followers and few answers and to begin work with them.

Professional groups LinkedIn – there are many groups for every taste with thousands of participants. Here are just a few:


Facebook groups: Look for not only groups related to the blockchain, but also related to startups, investors, etc., where, presumably, your target audience may be:


Webinars (from $ 500)

The trust and attention of clients is what all faunder of projects and marketing specialists fight for. Webinars — the excellent working tool which allows to tell about the project, the company and team, to answer audience frequently asked questions, to remove barriers and to interest investors.

ICO market is a very dynamic environment. Literally in a matter of days, the legislation or policy of key channels for attracting investors may change. As a result, we have to adapt the strategy to a new reality. The maximum awareness will help you in this. The more you have tools, cases, contacts, the easier it will be for you to cope with the difficulties.



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