August 1, 2017 / tehnology

Hardfork Bitcoin Cash Activated!

UASF hard-fork

As expected, Bitcoin Cash hardfork has activated, on August 1, as a result bitcoin blockchain has split into two chains.  There is also a new digital asset that has a common history with bitcoin and traded under ticker BCC (BCH).

The activation of client Bitcoin Cash scheduled for 12:20 UTC, but there were some technical difficulties and inconclusive communications. Last block before the chain split was block 478558, and at 13:30 UTC on the resource there was information that the Bitcoin Cash nodes are operating order:

bitcoin hardfork

Soon found block 478559, and ironically it extracted by ViaBTC, the main supporter of Bitcoin Cash. But this block  also has mined in the original chain of bitcoins.

Leading representatives of cryptocurrency ecosystem could not restrain their emotions about this, having published ironic posts in Twitter.

The representative of Samourai Wallet noted at the same time that the ViaBTC nodes came into conflict with each other.

At the same time, as CnLedger pointed out, the ViaBTC pool directed Bitcoin Cash 82P for processing power, which, as noted by Charlie Schrem, is 1.2937% of the total bitcoin hash.

At the same time it is reported that Bitcoin Cash nodes do not accept block 478559, and fork, therefore, officially activated…

On the eve Bitcoin Cash fork, more majority exchanges, bitcoin wallets and other services has suspended operations and deposit and withdrawal ability.



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