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Hacker Found A Bug In EOS Dapp And Stole $ 110 Thousand


The hacker stole 30,000 EOS ($ 110,000) thanks to a bug in game EOSPlay. The cost of the attack was just over 300 EOS ($ 1000).

The attacker involved the DeFi service EOS REX, which allows leasing network resources (RAM, CPU) from other users. The hacker filled the blocks with his transactions, ensuring a constant victory in EOSPlay.

The incident has already commented on CTO of startup Dan Larimer, who is the creator of EOS.

Some users have already criticized Larimer.

The difference between this attack on EOS and a high fee spam on BTC or ETH is you can still pay more to send a transaction on BTC or ETH Many EOS users did not have enough CPU to rent more CPU so it did freeze for them “Operating correctly” is not the best response IMO

Recall, the hackers carried out 27 attacks on decentralized applications in EOS and stole 400 thousand EOS from July to November 2018.