July 5, 2021 / news

Hacker Group Extorts Ransom Of $ 70 Mln In Bitcoin From 200 US Companies


Fraudsters used the tools of the software provider Kaseya to break through the security systems of organizations.

Russian hacker group REvil has infected about 200 American companies with ransomware viruses. At the moment, the scammers are demanding a ransom from the victims, with a total amount of $ 70 million in bitcoin. Writes about this Australian ABC News.

According to media reports, the main victim of REvil was the software provider Kaseya. Fraudsters used company tools to infiltrate organizations’ systems. Hackers, they said, managed to infect over 1 million machines. Information about this appeared on the REvil blog.

Scammers used ransomware viruses in their work. Such programs paralyze the company’s systems. To resume their work, you need a special key. You can get it from the hackers themselves, in exchange for paying the ransom.

The choice of cryptocurrency to transfer money can be explained by the increased level of anonymity of digital assets. Fraudsters can drive bitcoin through special platforms (mixers) to hide the traces of transfers. As a result, it will be more difficult for law enforcement agencies to track them.

In total, about 200 American companies suffered from the actions of REvil. Why the scammers chose the United States to work is unknown. Perhaps one of the reasons was the successful experience of other hackers who focused on America.

We will remind, earlier the researchers of the Proofpoint company found out that the USA turned out to be one of the most profitable countries for the scammers who use ransomware viruses. According to analysts, about 87% of American companies, when faced with this type of fraud, prefer to pay ransom to hackers.

In 2021, it became known about a number of high-profile incidents during which fraudsters lured large sums of money from organizations in exchange for a key to the system to resume its work. For example, this is how REvil acted in attacks on the world’s largest meat producer JBS and the Colonial Pipeline pipeline company.

US authorities have shown an interest in the incidents. Against the backdrop of the spread of ransomware viruses, representatives of American regulators decided to more fully monitor transactions with cryptocurrencies.

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