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Forbes Called The Next Potential “Unicorn” In The Cryptocurrency Space

Forbes has compiled a rating of 25 startups, that capitalization could reach $ 1 billion in the near future. There was cryptocurrency company Chainalysis among the potential "unicorns".

Chainalysis has an ambiguous reputation in the cryptocurrency community because an analyst firm develops transaction tracking software on public blockchains and sells it to government departments, including tax services.

So, many supporters of cypherpunk ideas consider the company to be the enemy of privacy, but the company's research helps to better understand the mechanisms of the largest blockchains and the overall situation in the cryptocurrency market.

The startup also develops special software for Bitcoin exchanges to combat money laundering and probably helps them track funds stolen from hacking.

To date, Chainalysis has already managed to raise $ 53 million from Accel Partners, Benchmark and other investors. In 2018, the company's revenue was $ 8 million.

Recall that the first “unicorn” was the company Coinbase if the Bitcoin industry. It happened in the summer of 2017. Since the investments in Coinbase have increased eight times.

Among other applicants are Ripple, Bitmain, Circle, and Robinhood.