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Experts predict a reduction in prices of video cards for mining

mining demand

According to Techradar, in July we should expect a further drop in prices for video cards on a world scale.  Experts attribute this primarily to a drop in interest in mining. Another factor is the oversaturation of the market with low-cost components, which is why manufacturers are not in a hurry with the release of new models. So, in June this year, the head of the largest manufacturer of video cards Nvidia Huang Renxun announced that the company will not produce new models "for a long time."

In early summer one of the Asian partners Nvidia returned the company 300 000 video cards, Techradar reports. Because of the difficulties with the inventory, Nvidia decided not to launch a new line until it sold out the hardware.

Representatives of the company noted that the decline in interest in mining and the reduction in prices of video cards will become especially noticeable after the third quarter of 2018.

The price of hardware droppes according to demand: on average, the cost of finished mining farms, video cards and motherboards fell by 40%. The number of ASIC AntMiner units sold in the second quarter decreased by half.

Statistics of search queries also indicates a decrease in interest in mining: in the second quarter, users searched for video cards one and a half times less than in the first, interest in farms decreased by half, and ASIC AntMiner the public searched 1.7 times less actively. At the same time, the level of proposals declined: in the second quarter, the number of announcements for the sale of equipment for mining decreased by 2.3 times compared to the same indicator for the first quarter.