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The EU and Japanese Central Banks teamed up to study blockchain

The EU and Japanese Central Banks

The EU and Japanese Central Bank

The representatives of the central banks of the EU and Japan have reported upon the launch of the joint program, its target to explore blockchain technology and eventual variations of its utilizing. These statements are published on the websites of the regulators.

The Directorate of Infrastructure development of the Central Bank of the E U and the Department of Payment and Settlement Systems of the Central Bank of Japan, have already studied blockchain, are uniting for elaboration in this direction.

This statement was made after the address of representative of the Board of the European Central Bank Yves Mersch that was held on 22th annual conference of banking tech.

"We expect the main results of this project no earlier than next year. This case will support to determine how new tech can transform the global financial ecosystem and assure that central institutions are ready for this ",- noted Yves Mersch.

Yves Mersch informed upon the European Central Bank interest in blockchain in April of this year. In particular, he stressed that in the future blockchain technology could be applied to the infrastructure of central banks in the eurozone.

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