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Ethereum And Ethereum Classic Devs Have Made Peace


The developers of cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) decided to put the divisions behind with a view to working on the Ethereum project together. As a goodwill gesture, the Ethereum Foundation transferred 15,000 ETC coins (approximately $ 150,000) to the Ethereum Classic Cooperative company wallet.

According to representatives of the Ethereum Foundation, 15,000 ETC coins were found as a result of checking the balance of cryptocurrency wallets. Instead of selling the coins, the company decided to provide financial support to Ethereum Classic Cooperative and thus prove its good intentions.

Employee of Ethereum Foundation, Virgil Griffith, offers to make peace. He believes that both enterprises solve similar technological problems and therefore can join efforts to improve both blockchain - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. One of the joint projects of the two companies is to create peaceBridge, through which information about transactions in ETH and ETC will be displayed in both networks.

In the future, the developers plan to work together to improve the "proof of stake" consensus Protocol  and to create Ethereum Classic Mantis client with Ethereum cryptocurrency support.

Recall that the hostility between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic crypto communities began in June 2016 after a hacker attack on the DAO in the ETH blockchain. The attackers managed to steal the cryptocurrency for $50 million, Vitalik Buterin and several of his colleagues decided to roll back the network to return the stolen coins and violated one of the basic rules of the blockchain - immutability. Adherents of the postulate "code is law" created the Ethereum Classic blockchain on the basis of the original Ethereum.