January 20, 2021 / news

Ethereum Devs Reveal Prototype Of Berlin Hard Fork

The update is almost ready to launch, but the developers have not yet called the block number on which the hard fork will be activated.

Ethereum 1.0 hard fork coordinator James Hancock has published the draft specifications for the upcoming blockchain update – Berlin. The project contains proposals for improving the Ethereum network (EIP), which will be activated during the upgrade, as well as a checklist of customers who already support the corresponding EIP.


Berlin upgrade, which was originally supposed to become a kind of springboard for the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 network, has been repeatedly postponed. It was planned to activate the update in June 2020, but the dates were postponed to the fall due to the need to refine its components.

Subsequently, the dates were postponed several more times. The last estimated activation date was set for January 2021.


The list of EIPs included in the update has changed over the past few months. The draft published by Hancock lists five proposals, including changes to the gas price calculation algorithm (EIP-2565 and EIP-2929), simple routines for the Ethereum virtual machine (EIP-2315), and new transaction types (EIP-2930 and EIP-2718) …

Almost all of the clients who have declared support for Berlin have already implemented the code for these EIPs. The only exception is Geth client, which has not yet included the EIP-2930 in its codebase. Despite the fact that the update will soon be ready for activation, the developers have not yet approved the block number for its launch.

Over the past seven days, ETH has risen in price by more than 23% and is now trading at $ 1,300. Last week, the asset set a new all-time high – $ 1,423. It is worth noting that the network hash rate is also beat new records (315 TH / s), which indicates confidence miners.

Recall, the developers released the Ethereum 2.0 genesis block in early December 2020. Currently, there is practically no economic activity in ETH 2.0 (with the exception of staking).

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