May 27, 2019 / tehnology

Ethereum Devs Have Announced 28 Offers Integrated To Istanbul Hardfork


The upcoming Ethereum hardfork called Istanbul have 28 suggestions for the code base, aimed, among other things, at changing the mining algorithm, executing the code, pricing mechanism and data storage.

Within the traditional online developer conference which held last week it was discussed the offers to help Ethereum to scale more efficiently.

Ethereum Foundation community member Hudson Jameson said that the deadline for their submission was Friday, May 24, noting that the task now was to determine which of them would be included in the upcoming upgrade as soon as possible.

Among the proposals under consideration is EIP-1057, providing for a transition to a mining algorithm called ProgPoW. The task of the algorithm, the development of which began last winter to reduce the efficiency of mining on ASIC hardware. Accordingly, ProgPoW will make GPU miners more competitive, and the network itself more decentralized.

EIP-1108 will be able to implement in the Istanbul upgrade – previously approved at the last meeting, this proposal is aimed at a slight modification of the structure of the gas – transaction fees in the Ethereum network. More accurate figures for the EIP-1108 should be presented at the next developer meeting.

EIP-1559 offers a new type of transactional commissions structure, however, as Rick Dudley, the developer of Ethereum, admitted, this proposal is quite complex and it will most likely not be able to implement it into the code base until the future.

The Istanbul upgrade itself, he said, should be held on October 29, although Github says that the exact date and time has been determined yet.



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