January 18, 2020 / news

Estimated Income of Bitcoin Miners Was About $ 5 Billion Last Year


Bitcoin miners received approximately $ 5 billion of estimated total revenue in 2019. This is less than a year earlier, reports TheBlock.

The indicator includes $ 4.89 billion in the form of remuneration for the extracted blocks – 12.5 BTC for each. The rest (about $ 146 million) was provided by commission fees.

In 2018, the estimated income of miners amounted to $ 5.23 billion, and in 2017 – $ 3.19 billion.

Analysts of the publication calculate this indicator, based on the fact that the miners immediately sell mined BTC. However, this is not entirely true, as some retain part of the extracted BTC or go to fiat later.

This year, presumably in May, the reward for the mined block will be halved – to 6.25 BTC. If the price of Bitcoin does not increase to a similar extent, the income of miners will be significantly reduced.

Recall, experts at Fundstrat Global Advisors are confident that halving (halving the block reward) has not yet been taken into account in the price of bitcoin, and it will grow by 100% this year.


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