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Dogecoin Growth: Expert’s Opinions On Altcoin Future

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Dogecoin popularity keeps growing. According to previous news an online electronics store is going to add support of DOGE to its platform. To do this, the company signed a partnership agreement with the Bitpay service, which has already started working with Dogecoin.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often spoke about altcoin. When he mentioned DOGE on April 16, coin value reached its all-time high sharply. Musk published a painting of famous Spanish artist “Barking a dog at the moon” and signed that it was “Doge barking at the moon”. Most users saw some hidden meaning in this. And for good reason. On April 1, Musk revealed that his company, SpaceX, is going to send Dogecoin to the moon. The price of the coin rose again by 20% after that publication.

Many crypto experts did not miss the opportunity to speak out and announced that they are not going to sell this coin yet, as it has a great future.

The owner of NBA also sees a promising future for the altcoin. His team became the first NBA club to sell a ticket for Dogecoin. Thanks to this, he managed to accumulate 120,000 coins, and at the moment he is not going to sell them.

In March, the Latvian company As Air Baltic Corporation decided to invest in its future and added the option to pay for Dogecoin tickets.

Crypto experts believe that the success of Dogecoin’s growth directly depends on investor sentiment in the market. Since Elon Musk is the main activator of many cryptocurrencies, his mention of a coin can change the position of the market, as many investors follow him.

Altcoin can only grow further if they talk about it. But don’t rush to invest all your money in Dogecoin. Approach trading with a cool head. It is not yet known what coin Elon Musk will talk about tomorrow.

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