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Dogecoin For $ 1 By May 9, Is It Real?


Dogecoin has become the TOP-4 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, the current price maximum is $ 0.69, the market capitalization is $ 85 billion. The coin has not yet slowed down its growth rates and very soon the DOGE rate may reach $ 1. Why this can happen in the coming days, we tell in the article.

Why Isn’t Dogecoin Story Over?

Argument # 1 is its price and the fact that the coin did not collapse to the bottom after tremendous growth since the beginning of the year. In mid-April, DOGE soared by 500% in just one week, and we have already said that since the beginning of the year the account has been going by thousands of percent:

But Dogecoin did not fall and settled in the top ten cryptocurrencies, they still believe in the asset and are in no hurry to escape from it in order to spend dollars. People don’t need dollars, they need Dogecoin.

Argument # 2 is faith multiplied by greed. The price of $ 0.4 cents is still extremely attractive for purchase, and the latest news that there may be a new pump from Elon Musk on May 8, forces the asset to be held in anticipation of a new round of growth.

At the same time, the desired level of $ 1 is really simple, Dogecoin is traded on the leading platforms, and not only crypto, it is also on Robinhood. All that is needed is to once again gather the whole community and invest from $ 10 to $ 100 to launch the cryptocurrency to the Moon or directly to Mars together with Elon Musk. In this case, Dogecoin market capitalization could be about $ 130 billion, making it the TOP-3 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

Important note: we cannot know and claim that it will be so. This article is not a financial recommendation and you should make any decision to buy or sell cryptocurrencies solely on your own.

If you have Dogecoin, if you have already made 100, 200 or more percent on it, and maybe even a modest 20-30%, this is already a good income and, perhaps, it makes sense to fix a profit. But if your faith in Dogecoin is stronger than ever, then the $ 1 price point is theoretically fully affordable.

Especially when the media began to inflate this topic again, for example, billionaire Mark Cuban supported Dogecoin.

Is Dogecoin a joke? Yes. Is it the best investment in the world? No. But it’s at least better than a lottery ticket, in the opinion of billionaire Mark Cuban.

Here’s the story of how a Robinhood trader became a millionaire with Dogecoin. He decided to invest $ 180,000 when the coin was worth $ 0.04 because he liked the Dogecoin community on Reddit, liked the Shiba Inu dog meme and believed in Elon Musk’s support.

If more of these stories are launched in the media, Dogecoin will have a real chance to grow to $ 1.

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