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CUDAminer: Review

CudaMiner app is very popular among miners who use Nvidia GPU. For some time CudaMiner was one of the best mining applications for Litecoin (LTC), Vertcoin (VTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) on video cards, but at the moment it is considered obsolete, in particular, since it has not been updated since the winter of 2014. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best options for home mining on Nvidia GPU.

CudaMiner is a console cryptocurrency mining app that works only with Nvidia. This cryptocurrency mining app is based on a modified console miner code for Pooler CPUMiner processors.

Like its predecessor, CudaMiner lacks a graphical interface – all settings are made by editing the bat-file or entered on the command line. For this reason, it refers to programs for advanced users.

The mining process itself is also displayed only in the console terminal.

CudaMiner supports cryptocurrency mining based on the following PoW algorithms:

  • Scrypt – Litecoin (LTC) and many derivative coins.
  • Scrypt-Jane – Yacoin (YAC).
  • Scrypt-N – Vertcoin (LTC).
  • Keccak – Maxcoin (MAX).
  • Blake-256 – Blakecoin (BLC).

CudaMiner computing performance at launch was 10–15% higher than similar programs working with AMD GPUs due to the support of Nvidia GPU that perform multi-threaded computing based on Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) tech.

Unfortunately, this performance advantage has already been lost. Today’s cryptocurrency mining software variations presented today use modern optimized software modules, the release of which in the latest version of CudaMiner dated February 28, 2014, of course, no one could take into account.

Sure, this miner is still quite popular because of the free distribution, the presence of many commands for fine-tuning the mining process and the openness of the source code, which makes it possible to develop your own modifications to the application.

A separate website dedicated to the CudaMiner app does not exist.

The only official web resources of the project are sections on the Bitcointalk forum and social networks for GitHub developers.

Viewing the pages of both websites is available without registration, so you can safely follow the links provided, study the information published there about the CudaMiner program and download it for use on your computer.

Where To Download CudaMiner

CudaMiner is available on many software websites like MyDiv or Softrare. However, there is a risk of running into a non-original version of the program, which may contain viruses, trojans, hidden miners and other malicious inclusions.

Therefore, it is much safer to download CudaMiner at official sources, that is, on Bitcointalk or GitHub.

In the first case, you will receive a program ready for configuration and operation in two versions – for Windows x32 (x86) and x64.

cudaminer download

But on GitHub, the CudaMiner sources are laid out, which, after downloading, you need to compile yourself through the Nvidia CUDA Toolkit app.

cudaminer download

It is clear that this option is much more complicated, and untrained users may not be able to do it at all, therefore it is better to choose a download from Bitcointalk.

How To Configure CudaMiner

For CudaMiner to work correctly, Nvidia drivers must be installed on the user’s PC with support for at least CUDA 5.5, as well as Visual Studio 2010 SP1 software.

After fulfilling this condition and downloading the miner to the computer, you can begin to configure CudaMiner.

CudaMiner, downloaded from Bitcointalk, is presented as an archive, after unpacking of which the user will receive two directories – x86 and x64. They contain the version of the miner for each of the possible types of Windows.

After choosing a suitable folder, you will need to create a new text file with an arbitrary name in it and change its extension from “.txt” to “.bat”. Then you need to open it for editing through Notepad.

Further, all settings will depend on the equipment available, the coin that the user plans to mine and, in fact, the mining method.

Since the program does not support many recent Nvidia graphics cards due to the lack of updates, new reviews about CudaMiner do not appear very often now. Among those that were found, most often complaints that the program does not start or crashes.


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