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Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange Was Hacked


On January 14, the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia was hacked. According to company representatives, as a result of the attack, hackers stole the users digital assets. On January 15, Cryptopia posted on Twitter:

The management of the exchange went to the police and the Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking. Law enforcement officers have investigated the fact of cryptocurrency theft, so the trading platform temporarily did not work. Representatives of Cryptopia said they could not provide detailed information about the incident in the interests of the investigation.

Samuel Gosling, the founder of the blockchain startup of the Validity Crypto startup, has published data on the balance of the hot Cryptopia purses. According to this information, hackers stole several different ERC-20 tokens worth several million dollars. According to Gosling, digital assets have been transferred to several addresses to complicate the process of tracking stolen cryptocurrency.

Cryptopia was created in 2016 by Rob Dawson and Adam Clark. There are about 1.4 million users with the low trading volume (an average of $ 1 million per day) on platform. Cryptopia will find it difficult to compensate for the losses of traders. Therefore, the main question is whether the platform will be able to recover from the attack and continue its work.