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Cryptojacking: Search and Destroy


In 2011 California-based software developer in the field of information security and protection Symantec noticed about cryptojacking. At the end of 2011, Kaspersky Labs discovered the first Trojan program created exclusively for cryptojacking. In 2013, Skype infected a huge number of PCs with a miner-bot. Another known case of mass infection was an attempt by the developers of μTorrent to earn extra money by introducing the malware EpicScale into the software, although, as the developers themselves say, all funds received during such activities away to charity.

To date, the problem has reached unprecedented proportions. And although there is no exact figure, but according to Recorded Future, every at least twentieth computer infected with a cryptojacking.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "hidden mining"

Concept Of Cryptojecking

Cryptojacking is a cryptocurrency mining process that uses third-party computing power without his consent. In other words, by infecting a computer with malware, developers use its resources for their own financial enrichment.

Basically, cryptojacking infects a hardware secretly from the owner. After the virus enters the OS and installs the client program, which, in turn, connects to one of the mining pools for the subsequent cryptocurrency mining.

The main methods of infecting a computer with a cryptojacking are direct add-on (in this case, the program is installed on the victim’s computer by the user personally), launching files and deploying via unauthorized remote access. The malware can be embedded in any program that, when launched or downloaded on your computer, gives you a “gift” of a trojan, which is secretly fed by the victim’s computer resources.

How Much Can You Earn Using Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking make profit in two ways: by selling malicious software codes and by mining through replanting into someone else’s computer.

The price of selling for one malware code starts at $ 50 and can reach $ 1000, while the income from cryptojacking will directly proportional to the number of infected machines and their power. In order to earn up to $ 100 a month, a miner needs to infect at least 1000 computers. Therefore, to obtain a decent income in this lesson, the number of infected computers should tend to a mark of several tens of thousands. If we talk about powerful gaming computers, then the profit from their operation grows in two, if not three times.

The salvation of fraudsters involved in cryptojacking is the fact that finding it is not so easy, and there are not so many good guides to searching and eliminating malware.

How To Check Your PC For A Cryptojacking And Get Rid Of The Malicious File

If you have any suspicions about running malware on your computer, then you should take the following steps to confirm or deny its presence.

First, you need to check how your PC works under normal loads (when launching simple programs or using a browser). Then start the game and check the load change indicators. Compare the figures.

Another search method that allows you to monitor the load is using the Task Manager. So “Task Manager” will help you identify the size of the power required for the operation of a program, thereby allowing you to track which load gives the system and is possibly infected by a hidden miner. For example, such a method will help to easily reveal the cryptojacking of MinerGate, established by means of direct replanting.

How Can I Protect My Computer

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "cryptojacking protect"

No one can guarantee 100% protection to you, since the creators of malicious programs are constantly competing with the creators of antivirus software.

Therefore, in the first place, everything depends on you. Do not go to suspicious sites and download programs to them.

You can disable the automatic launch of Java, or simply prohibit the browser to use the language “JavaScript”. When using the second method, you will not be able to fully browse the site, so leave it in case of emergency.

If you still have not installed antivirus, then be sure to install it and do not forget to update. Despite the fact that, in most cases, antivirus programs cannot find a bot-miner, companies developing in the field of cybersecurity, at this stage devote much more time to this problem than before, so you still have chances. Do not save on security – buy antivirus software!


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