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Cryptocurrency Exchange OKCoin Could Change Its Fee Policies

On February 3, one of the largest China's cryptocurrency exchanges OKCoin published a message about changing its fee policies, which was subsequently removed.

 In this message posted on its official website, OKCoin said they were going to transform its rules to a maker-taker model (the system of collecting commission payments, in which those who place an order should pay a lower fee than those who receive), a 0.2% fee from each transaction would remain. But, a little bit later, the message was deleted.

 The exchange administration has not made any statements in connection with this incident.

 OKCoin, Huobi and BTCC have begun to charge 0.2% fees since 24 January. Analysts and market participants believe that this decision will reduce volatility and will have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency course in the long term.


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