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Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Pro Add To Listing Ethereum Classic

hardfork ethereum-classic

Coinbase officially announced the beginning of support for Ethereum Classic, deciding to implement this process in stages. At the first stage, the cryptocurrency has listed ETC on Coinbase Pro. An addition to the main platform is expected in the near future.

According to general manager of Coinbase Pro, David Farmer, the final stage of testing Ethereum Classic was successful and, as planned, support for this cryptocurrency launched today, August 7.

The process itself, however, starts only with cryptoexchanges and will complete in four stages:

  • Transfer-only (24-48 hours). Users will be able to start replenishing their accounts from 10:00 PT on August 7, but the order placement feature is not available at this stage.
  • Post-only (minimum 10 minutes). At this stage, traders will be able to set limited orders without matching.
  • Limit-only (minimum 10 minutes). The third stage will be available for issuing limited orders, but market orders are still unavailable.
  • Full trading. At the final stage will be available full-fledged trading ETC, including limits and stop-orders.

As for ETC support at, it will be added upon the achievement of sufficient liquidity of the asset. As the Californian company expects, it will happen in a week or two after the start of ETC trading on Coinbase Pro.

Also, David Farmer added that Ethereum Classic is only the first step in implementing plans to add new assets.

Note that, in anticipation of the listing on Coinbase, the price of ETC rose to its May picks.

Also today, representatives of Coinbase reported that they intend to raise daily limits, as well as solve the problem faced by users making deposits from bank accounts.

As the company notes, at the moment after the bank transfer, users have to wait for the receipt of funds for several days. This causes an understandable dissatisfaction, as usually, by replenishing the account, the user wants to start buying crypto currency immediately.

Now this situation will change - after sending the funds the company will provide users with an instant loan for the amount of the transaction. The condition for its provision will be the inability to withdraw the acquired crypto currency outside the platform right up to the actual transfer of funds to the user's account.