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Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 4 To 10 Of March, 2019

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At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week it became known that the Binance exchange was securing the status of a leading trading platform, since the volume of operations on its platform accounted for 52% of all transactions; according to the ChainDD, 74% of the bitcoin hashrate of the network was controlled by Chinese company Bitmain, and according to the company Delphi Digital, only 7572 addresses account for about 80% of the total broadcasting volume.


According to the cofounder of Morgan Creek, Anthony Pompliano, institutional investors have already paid attention to cryptocurrency. According to him this is a positive signal for the industry in need of large capital.

The cofounder of Kaspersky Lab, Yevgeny Kaspersky, said that cryptocurrency is “a great idea,” but noted that society is not ready for them. He explained that “the world should become one”, since “governments will want to control these funds, having their own motives for that.” He said that such an association of people is not excluded, noting that this could lead to a centralized currency. According to Kaspersky, it will be a digital asset “instead of banknotes.”

The creator of the cryptocurrency Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, pounced on the cryptocurrency of the investment bank JP Morgan. According to the cofounder of Cardano, cryptocurrencies are created to counter the dominance of the traditional financial system, which is controlled by large banks and the US Federal Reserve.

According to the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Christopher Giancarlo, the drop in the value of Bitcoin as a whole was be able to assess as a positive factor for the development of the crypto market.

Brian Kelly, the CEO of the investment company BKCM, believes that the so-called “crypto winter” is finally coming to an end, and the market is gradually starting to come to life.

Eric Zhang, one of the creators of the NEO cryptocurrency project, said that the renewed NEO 3.0 network could become the most high-performance platform by 2020.


Analysts of the Canadian financial institution Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets presented their forecast for the further dynamics of the movement of Bitcoin. In their opinion, Bitcoin is already preparing for a rally and could jump to $ 20,000 by 2021.

According to the latest report of the United Nations Office on Drug Abuse and Crime (UNODC), although the global trend of selling drugs for cryptocurrency on the darknet has spread throughout South Asia, India is leading in this regard. According to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) at UNODC, at least a thousand drug dealers from India, who conduct calculations in cryptocurrency, work at 50 sites in the darkwood.

FCA of the United Kingdom found that 73% of consumers in the country do not know what cryptocurrency is and cannot give any definition to it. London market research company Kantar TNS and FCA surveyed 2132 British consumers, and it turned out that only 3% of them had ever bought cryptocurrencies. Those who acquired cryptocurrencies spent on them less than 200 pounds sterling ($ 263) from their “existing income”, while Bitcoin bought more than 50% of respondents, and the air – 34%.


Tether has announced the cooperating with the Tron Foundation to launch TRC-20 standard tokens on the Tron blockchain, which will also be a USDT backed to the US dollar. It should be noted that the TRC-20 is used in the Tron blockchain, and it is compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

The head of the Dash Core Group (DCG), Ryan Taylor, reported on staff reductions in several divisions of the company. About 8% of employees left the company on March 7 – the human resources department was disbanded, two people left the strategic planning team, and one left the business development team.

Thanks to the update of Constantinople, Parity Technologies, which develops the client of the Parity etirium, hoped that tens of millions of dollars on the air that had been irretrievably frozen could finally be returned.


The Brave browser, which rewards users with cryptocurrency, is on the way to phenomenal success: the application for Android devices has already been downloaded 20 million times.

Soon, iPhone owners will be able to store their cryptocurrency in the new version of Opera Touch with a built-in electronic wallet. Previously, such a program was introduced for devices running on the Android OS.

Starbucks plans to provide its customers with the opportunity to pay Bitcoins by the end of this year, using Bakkt software, which will instantly convert cryptocurrency into Fiat (digital assets will not appear in the financial statements of Starbucks).

American startup VaultTel is developing a hardware wallet that will store your cryptocurrency in the SIM card tray.


A new report by Diar states that bitcoin mining revenues in February fell to their lowest level since August 2017. In February, revenues from Bitcoin mining amounted to $ 195 million. The miners received about the same income in August 2017, when Bitcoin was just preparing to show rapid growth.

On the scale of mining cryptocurrency, the college campuses ranked second, losing the leadership only to energy and utility companies. This conclusion was made by researchers of Cisco’s Cisco conglomerate, who published the report to which the industry media referred. The scale of mining on student campuses is growing, probably due to free electricity, to which students have round-the-clock access. According to the latest data, up to 22% of mining recorded on the network falls on college campuses.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

QuadrigaCX removed all funds from user wallets a day before the founder’s death. This became known from the report of the consulting company Ernst & Young (EY), appointed by the court for the role of an auditor. After analyzing the entries in the QuadrigaCX blockchain, the experts employed by EY found out that from April 2014 to April 2018 the balance of these wallets was either minimal or close to zero.

PwC has issued a special report in which it pointed to the connection of the SamSam extortion virus with the infamous WEX cryptocurrency exchange (formerly BTC-e). The report states that the creators of Mohammad Mehdi Shah Mansouri and Faramarz Shahi Savandi (Iranian citizens) used WEX to launder the bitcoins received by the extortion malware.


In its report of March 6, the Finance Committee of the French National Assembly stated that it could ban all cryptocurrencies that provide significant anonymity for users. The Finance Committee pointed out the importance of such a measure, since such cryptocurrencies increase the risk of financial crimes.

An advisory committee created by the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) at the end of 2017 provided the final report on the regulation of cryptocurrency in the country.

The Canadian Tax Collection Service (CRA) is actively engaged in studying the activities of bitcoin and cryptoinvestors. CRA sends huge questionnaires to investors that relate to their cryptocurrency activities in recent years. It is reported that the questionnaires consist of 14 pages and contain 54 questions with clarifying points.

The Venezuelan government launches a cryptocurrency payment service. The section on the use of the cryptocurrency payment service on the website informs that “the payee must be registered on the Patria platform, be of legal age and reside in the territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”. However, senders of payments may be located outside Venezuela.


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