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Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 3 To 9 Of December, 2018


At the end of the week, we resume everything that the cryptocommunity talked about over the past seven days. This week it has became known about the coming mass layoff at ConsenSys, postponing SEC of term of consideration Bitcoin ETF and launching of SWIFT its own payment a blockchain system.


According to billionaire Mike Novogratz the cryptocurrency market is waited by big changes in 2019-2020. Bitcoin and other digital currencies will change the dynamics of movement and begin to grow, which will become a stage of transition from a bearish mood to a bullish trend.

According to one of Ethereum developers , Joseph Lubin, representatives of the crypto community should not pay attention to reducing the  coin rate. Now the project team is concentrating on improving the blockchain of digital currency, which is growing exponentially.

According to the professor of finance at the University of Santa Clara Atulia Sarin, Bitcoin costs almost nothing and “enters the phase of the death spiral,” which will end in a fall in value to zero. The professor's opinions were voiced at a time when the Bitcoin price dropped below $ 4,000 again.

According to Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin is unlikely to enter the “death spiral” phase.

According to Quoine CEO, Mike Kayamori, we will have to wait for the “explosion” of Bitcoin at the end of 2019. Kayamori stressed that now the cryptocurrency industry is under strong pressure, but in the near future we will see big changes, but now there is no reason for resuming the growth of capitalization of the crypto market.

According to Bill Gates, the transformation of economy, on which the current status quo is based, is possible thanks to the digitalization of money and related financial systems, which can help people living in poverty now.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghaus says that cryptocurrency asset storage services such as XRP will become the dominant banking products starting in 2019.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak compared digital currencies to financial pyramids. Meanwhile, Barak stressed that blockchain technology and smart contracts are important and useful technological and mathematical concepts.


Actively selling "whales" this year have accumulated more ether than in any other period in the history of Ethereum. This is indicated by research data Diar. As of the end of November, whales have 80% more ETH than at the beginning of the year.

One of the 20 largest Bitcoin wallets sent 66,233 BTC coins worth more than $ 257 million. It is worth noting that this address has not shown any activity since 2014. It is not yet known who made the recipient of such a huge amount of bitcoins.

Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges reported 5,944 suspicious transactions in digital currencies in the first 10 months of this year. Thus, the number of suspicious transactions using digital currencies increased in 2018 by 788% when compared with the data for the previous year. In April-December 2017, only 669 suspicious transactions were recorded.

Belarusian digital-agency BDCenter has published a detailed marketing analysis of cryptocurrency exchanges. In their report, the researchers note that the largest number of users of stock exchanges falls on the United States, China and Russia, which plays a role in organizing the work of technical support and usability of the website.


Analysts of the consulting company A.T. Kearney predict that in 2019 investors will begin to sell in large amount of altcoins and will begin to buy BTC. They nite that traders will invest in bitcoin as this coin already long is in the market and proved as the most reliable asset in comparison with doubtful altcoin.

At the end of November, a mysterious transaction transferring 60% of coins worth up to $ 1.16 billion (36 million LTC coins) was implemented on the Litecoin network. It is possible that part of the coins were sent to the exchanges in which the largest wallets are stored.

American company United American Corp. (UnitedCorp) filed a lawsuit against the Bitmain company, website and the Kraken exchange. UnitedCorp considers that defendants tried to establish illegal control over Bitcoin Cash network (BCH).

The laboratory of Tencent company notified users NEO blockchain network on the mistake allowing hackers to steal their tokens. Vulnerability in work of the platform gives the chance to remove any quantity of counters, it is noted in the appeal of experts in cyber security posted on a popular resource of micro blogs Weibo. According to the co-founder of the NEO cryptocurrency Eric Zhang, the vulnerability in network of a digital asset found by experts of Tencent laboratory does not threaten users of a blockchain in any way.


Most Bitcoin miners - about 78% - use renewable energy sources in their work, not allowing excess electricity to remain unclaimed. First of all, it refers to China. Such data is contained in a report published at the end of November by Coinshares.

Despite the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market throughout most of 2018 and until recently, the bitcoin hashrate and complexity of its mining continued to grow. However, now, after the recent collapse of cryptocurrency prices, the situation has changed. According to, bitcoin mining and hashrate fell by more than 15%, and this is the second largest decline in coin history.

The Brazilian mining company, Minerworld, which presumably was a financial pyramid, claims that it does not have enough Bitcoins to compensate investors who financed this company. The court order obliges the company to use the remaining financial resources to pay off the debt to investors, but the company doesn't want to do this because the remaining funds were spent on maintaining the mining and paying off the debts to the service providers.


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again postponed the deadline for consideration of the proposal for the country's first Bitcoin-ETF. In its notice, the securities regulator stated that it prolongs the period for considering a proposal for a Bitcoin ETF until February 27, 2019.

The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) intends to establish new ICO rules to protect investors from fraud.

The US Department of Homeland Security wants to know whether tracking of confidential cryptocurrency transactions is possible. According to the document, Zcash and Monero blockchain monitoring is very interesting for the Ministry of National Security, since its analysis of Bitcoin transactions "covers only a small part of the cryptocurrency sector."

Two congressmen from Florida and North Carolina introduced bipartisan legislation that aims to prevent cryptocurrency prices from being manipulated. Republican Congressman Warren Davidson has announced plans to introduce new legislation that will “clearly” regulate cryptocurrencies and initial coin offers (ICO).

The Venezuelan president said that the price of the national cryptocurrency Petro rose from 3,600 sovereign Bolivars to 9,000. Although the wallet for Petro is still unavailable, the authorities continue to issue currency and purchase certificates. The government of Venezuela wants from 2019 to export oil and oil products only for cryptocurrency.

Institutional Investors

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange, which trades shares of high-tech enterprises, officially confirmed the information about the launch of its cryptocurrency platform in 2019.

Exchange cryptocurrency Poloniex announced the launching of a trading service for institutional clients. The service will allow OTC trading through the OTC-platform Circle Trade, as well as provide access to the usual Poloniex services and trading pairs with a steamer USDC. For firms wishing to participate in OTC, the minimum order size is $ 250,000.

Last week, on November 26, representatives of VanEck, SolidX and BZX Exchange (Cboe) met with employees of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to present new arguments about the market readiness for Bitcoin ETF.

Institutional manager Morgan Creek Digital intends to wager $ 1 million that cryptocurrencies and digital assets will surpass the S & P 500 index fund in the next 10 years.